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Debit Dollars for a Difference: PSB’s Your Way Rewards Card’s Innovative Approach to Charitable Giving

Making a Big Impact, One Transaction at a Time Since its inception in 2016, the YWR program has accomplished something truly remarkable. Thanks to the participation of PSB customers, over $250,000 has been donated to 18 different charities and school districts. That’s $250,000 that has gone on to support local education, alleviate hunger, and empower […]

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Use Your PSB Debit Card* to keep Autopay Discounts at Your Cellular Provider

On October 2, 2023, AT&T will be adjusting its monthly discount for accounts enrolled in AutoPay and paperless billing. While the discount will decrease from $10 to $5 for wireless accounts that use a credit card, customers utilizing their PSB Debit Card or any other debit card will continue to enjoy the $10 discount. As […]

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